Our services

Travel Planning

The company is able to assist a client in a review of their Corporate Travel and the establishment of a travel policy designed to benefit the client in line with the nature of the business and the company's overall travel requirements. This can result in the negotiation on the clients'behalf of 'route deals' with relevant international carriers, as well as negotiated Corporate rates with pre agreed hotel groups.


we provide core travel support by helping book tickets as & when required and we provide rail tickets services both domestically and europe-wide.


Private air charter and helicopter services are provided as and when required.

Car Hire

We have transport support all across the country & we even provide services on a global basis.


We sub contract a visa service through a specialist company. We can obtain visas in return for a small fee.

Hotel Reservations

All the major international hotel group's corporate rates are available to our clients Depending on the client's specific corporate policy and 'bed night' volume, more advantageous rates can be negotiated.

24 hour services

The offices are open from 9 am to 6.00 pm from Mondays to Fridays. However we operate a 'full out of hours' service to our clients 365 days a year.


Whilst the corporate travel team deal with business travel team deal with business travel, we also have a team of experienced leisure consultants who are able to arrange tailor made holidays worldwide. Our website, www.jubilantdm.com shows our full range of destinations and how to request one of our specialist brochures.

How We Operate?

Wherever possible we will assign a consultant to a client's business with the aim of building a personal working relationship.

Experience has shown us that this approach can make a real difference in maintaining high levels of service and efficiency. It is one of the reasons why we retain over 90% of clients who choose to travel with us.

We have consistently grown our business year on year, and along the way have built up relationships with a network of suppliers which we are able to call upon for the benefit of our clients.